• BIS Pure Lash Perfect Finish BONDER, 30 ml
  • BIS Pure Lash Perfect Finish BONDER, 30 ml
BIS Pure Lash

BIS Pure Lash Perfect Finish BONDER, 30 ml

Do You need Perfect retention?
Use our Perfect Finish Bonder!

Perfect Finish Bonder is a revolutionary new product that maximizes lash extension’s life. It is compatible with any eyelash glue. This is the final step after the eyelash extension procedure is completed.

Product 2 in 1:
1. Provides protection after eyelash extension procedure.
Using Perfect Finish Bonder the client does not need to avoid contact with water for the first 24 hours after extension procedure; for example, the client can go swimming in the pool immediately after the procedure.

2. Perfect Finish Bonder immediately absorbs glue fumes - the main cause of allergic reaction. As a result, extended eyelashes will last much longer. Perfect Finish Bonder increases the elasticity of adhesive used in the process, makes joint place smooth and less brittle (when traditional cyanoacrylate dries, it is not elastic enough –this is one of the reasons, why adhesive fastener becomes porous and cause the extension to separate)

Polymerization of adhesive interacting with water (humidity, Nanomister or Nebulizer) or air (air exhauster fan, fan or dryer) occurs only in its outer layer. However, adhesive remains unpolymerized inside, therefore it is recommended to avoid eyelash contact with water during the first 24 hours after the procedure.
Whereas Perfect Finish Bonder interacts with cyanoacrylate at the chemical level - it starts drying process in all layers at the same time . The adhesive is polymerized on both the inner and outer layers for a maximum bond.

When you have finished the eyelash extension procedure, apply Perfect Finish Bonder as the final step - all through the eyelash extension length from top to bottom. Use a disposable micro brush or a lint-free applicator. Do not rinse or wipe. With Perfect Finish Bonder you do not need to use any dryer or other aids after the procedure.

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