BIS Pure Lash

BIS Pure Lash eyelash extension glue adhesive Brilliant ONE, 5 ml

Revolutionary new eyelash adhesive formula! Medical adhesive for eyelashes made in EU – product with over 10 years of research.

Brilliant ONE - for all extension techniques
Colour: black
Fumes: no
Drying time: 0.5-1 second
Retention: 5-6 weeks
Size: 5 ml
Comes in our foil sealed pouch for safe delivery and storage.

* No temperature and humidity restrictions (especially important in the summer time or in a hot climate)
* After the procedure, the client can open his eyes immediately, without eye irritation and tears. Beautician and client do not have to spend too much time drying their eyelashes.

* After opening, the glue is fresh and does not lose its properties for 3-4 months
* During the procedure, the glue drop does not dry up for 5 hours. Plastic coasters or plastic glue rings must be used, as the glue polymerizes in contact with organic.
As a result, you save time on the procedure, glue consumption decreases as only one drop is enough for the whole procedure.

The glue is registered in the EU and complies with the cosmetics safety regulations, contains no prohibited or potentially harmful ingredients. So you are protecting your own health, the health of your clients, and you are not risking your reputation.
* Without formaldehyde and latex (many customers who experienced an allergic reaction in the first few days will not experience it this time)
* Shiny black, but without Carbon black colorant
* No strong smell or fumes
* 100% Oil Resistant (For owners of oily skin, resistance increases several times)
* Contains highly purified ingredients
Brilliant ONE, 0.5-1 sec, 5 to 6 weeks - for all extension techniques
Classic BLACK, 1-2 sec, 5 weeks - for classic extension
Grand RED, 0.5 sec, 5-6 weeks - for 2D to 3D volume
Royal BLUE, 1 sec, 5-6 weeks - for 3D volume and more

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