BIS Pure Lash

BIS Pure Nails slider nail sticker ultra thin B01-B17, CLASSIC

Suitable for use on any background! Professional quality, super thin. Size 5 x 7 cm

How to use:
1. Prepare the nail, depending on the type of manicure and cover the nail with nail polish, UV/LED gel polish or gel
2. Do not remove the sticky layer! This facilitates a better grip of the slider with the surface of the nail
3. For 3D sliders apply a thin layer of UV/LED gel polish and gel
4. Do not polymerize!
5. Cut necessary element of the slider and put it down in warm water for 5-15 seconds
6. Blot excess water. Then shifting layer from a paper base, apply it on the nail
7. Gently correct the slider on the nail, excess can be removed using nail file
8. Apply 2 layers of Top Coat, dry or polymerize in the UV/LED lamp
9. Remove the sticky layer! Done!

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