3D Feathery Brows Setting waterproof SOAP, 20 grams

Super hot wild eyebrows! Eyebrow shaping soap: colorless, odorless and transparent.

1. Moisten the eyebrow brush with a water spray (do not spray water directly on the soap)
2. Create a soapy foam texture with a slightly damp brush (make sure the brush is not too wet or dry)
3. Apply soap from the roots of the eyebrow hairs, shaping them in the desired shape and direction
4. Repeat if necessary until the perfect eyebrow shape is achieved
5. As a final step, lightly press the eyebrow hairs to the skin and allow the eyebrows to dry.

The result:
* Eyebrows "as seen on the Instagram"
* Eyebrow hairs become structured and the color is saturated, dark
* Tight fixation regardless of weather and other external conditions throughout the day
* 3D volume with laminated eyebrow effect.

Weight: 20 grams.

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