Bio Henna Premium

Bio Henna BROW OIL eyebrow care & regrowth, 15 ml

Eyebrow growth oil is an effective remedy because it contains all the necessary nutritional components. Vitamins and trace elements have a positive effect on the condition of the eyebrows. They nourish the hairs, improve micro circulation and stimulate their growth.

After staining with henna, the oil provides a lasting effect, making the color of the eyebrows brighter. Intensively moisturizes and restores the hair structure.

Ingredients: oil ricini, simmondsia chinensis oil, сananga oil, melaleuca oil, Isatis tinctoria oil, dalbergia decipularis oil, vitamine В9, vitamine В5.

Eyebrow regrowth and care, as well us brow styling product.
Volume: 15 ml
Produced in India.

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